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After the age of twenty five, most folks assume we’ve reached our maturity stage and it is time to develop. That was my ex’s thought. He invariably frowned upon my childlike views toward the world by living my every waking moment with amazement. At that point we were in our mid-20s approaching early 30s; his belief was that I wasn’t acting my age.

Not acting my age? What aggregation states once passing a birthday with another age increment I even have to act my natural age? Would you suspect I was once timid, shy and a nervous wreck who continually hid away in her space whenever exposed to a crowd of individuals. Nevertheless yours truly was conjointly a non-commissioned officer in the US Army for seven years? Also, the same gal traveled severally stateside and abroad. I convey the military for developing my confidence which I used throughout my experiences.

Don’t mistaken childlike with immaturity, there’s an immense distinction. When I left the office, I instantly become a wild child in the privacy of my chosen surroundings.

A kind suggestion: Throughout the workday, become the appointed accountable individual society desires you to be, however once you clock out … Free yourself! Let your mind shake the mundane and be yourself! Life’s too short to be stuffed!

Despite what you about to watch may be industrial, the message speaks the reality … The point is … Never lose your inner child!